Process To Change A Shower Head

Using tool for replacing a shower head

Replacing a shower head by tool

If you have really old shower head or you have a damaged shower head then there might be extreme flow of water or leakage of water from shower. This will waste lots of water and will also result in increasing your water bills. If you have such issues, then you must instantly think of changing a shower head and saving water wastage and also your energy bills. Changing a shower head is an easy process, if you have little amount of experience then you can do it yourself. To help you out here is a simple and easy process to change a shower head. Before starting with the process of changing a shower head, you need to collect all the supplies and tools for changing a shower head. This can be really irritating if you have to go for taking the supplies in the middle of the work. This will not allow you to have flow in work and chances of making mistake and not getting desired result will increase. Hence here is list of tolls and supplies you will need for changing a shower head.

  • Masking tape
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Teflon tape
  • Shower head adaptor kit

Collect this tools and materials and then start with the process of changing a shower head.

Step 1

The first step of changing a shower head is to prepare your area for work. Take some ripped sheets of old towel and put it on the bottom of tub to save your fiberglass or porcelain surface from getting scratched while you are working. The adaptor kit which is used for replacing a shower head has a diverter device which is attached with the shower stem and it can also direct the water in two directions this will allow you to make use of tow shower head from one water source.

Step 2

For changing a shower head, you need to get rid of the old one. Use adjustable pliers for removing the old shower head. Firstly you have to wrap up the jaws of pliers by using a tape for saving them from marring the chrome.  When you have removed the old showerhead, it’s time to attach the diverter to it. Ensure that the supplied water is placed in neck of diverter as per the directions which are mentioned in the kit.

Step 3

Threads of shower head stem must be applied some Teflon tape for stopping some water leakage. When you are applying this tape, ensure that the fixture is tightened properly. If you have taped the wrap in wrong direction then it will get tear when you will install the thread and it will not help in preventing leaks.

Step 4

Make sure to tighten the diverter with the shower stem when Teflon tapes when it is applied to it. Also tighten the connection very carefully by making use of a wrench. However make sure that you are not over tightening this as it will not allow the water to flow properly.


Tips on Repairing Wooden Folding Chair

Two Wooden folding chair

Image of Wooden folding chair

Wooden folding chair can easily get damaged by some of the reasons like improper use, accidents or for using it for a longer time. But, it’s important to keep the folding chair into a good condition by taking proper care of it. For keeping your wooden folding chair into a perfect condition, here are certain tips that can be followed for repairing your wooden folding chair at your home. It’s a DIY, so the home owners can easily follow up at their home.

Things needed while repairing a wooden folding chair:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • paint
  • Mechanical fasteners
  • Sandpaper
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches
  • Paintbrush

Wooden folding chair repairing tips:

  • Simply start your process of repairing your wooden folding chair by analyzing the damaged area in the chair. Analyze it completely that the damage is either crucial or normal that can easily be repaired by the home owners.
  • If your wooden folding chair is simply old and needs proper repairing and repainting, you just need to prepare you painting tools like sandpaper, paintbrush and the paint. And if you observe your wooden folding chair to be unstable you can simply add up joints for balancing it.
  • And if you observe some of the wooden parts of the chair are missing or broken, it can easily be replaced with the new ones and get back a proper and newly repaired wooden folding chair.
  • You can simply replace those parts of the wooden folding chair which are broken. You can purchase a wooden board that can be later on cut and shaped according to the size of the chair. Only cut those pieces out of the wooden board which you want to replace from your chair.
  • Measure up the length of the dimensions and mark it up on the wooden board. Cut the wooden board on the size that ids marked and sand it accurately for perfect finish. Now, place the wooden board piece on the exact place on your chair and nail it properly so that it can be secured sturdily.
  • Even you can drill a hole in the wooden board and add up screws for making it more stable and sturdy to work. Don’t forget to position the screws exactly in the place and screw it well. Another way of preserving your wooden folding chair is by repainting it. Repainting it offers more durability and longevity of making it work for a longer time.
  • After using the folding chair for a longer time, it might result in peeling off the old paint. Take a specific time for repainting your wooden folding chair for protecting it from mold, decomposition issues, and rotten wood. Start by removing the peeling paint by using a putty knife and sand up the reaming paint off from the surface.
  • Wipe it off and remove the remaining dust from the surface of the chair and add up a water resistant primer. Allow the primer to dry completely before you step ahead for painting. After applying the paint, allow the paint to dry completely before you start using it again.

How to Renovate Vinyl Windows

Person replacing Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows renovated by a home owner

Vinyl windows are amongst the most popular choices of windows. So if you’re having home that is more than two to three decades old, there are chances that the window frames are mace up vinyl. And if you’re planning of upgrading your windows to a different stage, it’s advisable of installing vinyl windows. The frames made up of vinyl are more efficient and durable in nature. There are different patterns and varied choices of colors available for the home owners too. Vinyl windows offer with number of benefits as compared to other materials in windows. But, when it comes for renovating or repairing it, what you should do? Here’s the way you can go for renovating and repairing your vinyl windows at your home.

Repairing vinyl windows:

Order the renovating parts of your vinyl windows:

Understand and identify, which part of your vinyl windows are damaged. If the glass is broken, you’ll have to order the new one. But make sure that they are of exact size according top your vinyl window frames. If the glass is not of accurate size, you might need to struggle a bit for fixing it to the right size. One of the best ways of fitting the exact replacement is to measure the old frame size and get the new one.

Even, if you willing to change and replace the entire frame of line, you can replace it. It depends upon the skill level you have for replacing your vinyl windows.

Remove the outer sash:

Before you step ahead by removing and replacing the damaged section of your vinyl windows, you’ll have to remove the outer sash that helps in holding the window on its place. It’s also advisable of cutting some stops depending upon the vinyl window design you’ve installed.

Start replacing the glass from your window:

There are many glass panes in vinyl windows that come in the form of integrated glass units. Once you’ve received with the replacing units, you have to perform the function of sliding it into the place unless and until it is totally locked.

And if you’re planning of replacing only the glass and not the entire sliding pane, don’t forget to remove all the old traces of glass and the sealant applied to the sliding frames. Remove it first for better application of new glass into your vinyl window.

It’s advisable of wearing thick gloves and take protective measures, because it might damage or injure you badly. It’s better to be safe while working on such project. Once the glass is placed, make the use of thin layer of silicon for fixing them in the place. Hold the mirror for some while on the surface. It helps in fixing it well on the place.

Make the use of a dabbed cloth of cleaning any stains and finger marks from the surface. Let the solution dry for 24 hours. Generally, the silicon caulking takes more than 24 hours to dry completely. At last slide the pane directly into the window frames and you’re finished with your project.

Choosing The Best Type Of Mattress

Several type of mattress

Different type of mattress

Mattress is designed in a way that it can provide support to your body and give you a relaxing sleep at night. You can get a relaxed sleep only when your mattress is soft and proper. If you had your mattress since a long time and it is worn then you might consider replacing your mattress with a new one. According to one of the research, it is concluded that those people who sleep better will suffer less amount of back pain and will also have lesser symptoms of stress. For getting such peaceful sleep, you need to have right type of mattress. It is said that the quality of sleep improves if you sleep on the right type of mattress and it will also relieve pressure from the joints and other parts of body. There is plenty of type of mattress; you need to find which one suits with your body in the best manner.  Each type of mattress is made up from different material and has different quality, check out which one suits your body and gives you peaceful sleep. Mattress should be changed every six to seven years for better quality and support. If you haven’t changed it since quite a long time then it is the right time to go for changing it.  Here is some of the type of mattress with their specification to help you choose from.

  • Innerspring mattress

This type of mattress makes use of support system made from steel coil. Manufacturers will avail you with several kinds of spring system involving the units having springs which will get connected in single unit and the pocketed coils will be wrapped up individually. The design, coil gauge, number of coil and the shape of this type of mattress can differ. This type of mattress is covered up by upholstery materials and padding which can have plenty of fibers, foams and several extra layers of small steel springs. The count of coil can be arbitrary and but eh basic concept is that, more the number of coil, more will be the support points and higher will be its distribution.

  • Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress will be combining the support system of steel coil with one or even more than that type of foam like memory foam, latex foam, and polyurethane foam along with that foam containing get or any such other material.

  • Waterbed mattress

This type of mattress will be making use of a water chamber as its support system.  There are two waterbed types available in the market, soft sided beds and hard sided beds. Hard sided waterbed will be having a water chamber which is placed inside wood frame of rectangular shape. On the other side, a soft side water bed will be having this chamber of water in a rigid form of rectangular shape which zipped in a fabric case. This chamber of water is covered by the upholstery material and padding which can have various fiber and foams.

How to Paint Home Exteriors


Painting the Home Exteriors

Adding a new coat to your home exteriors helps in increasing its charm and is one of the excellent ways for revaluing your home. It helps in making your home feel new brand. Whether you’re planning of painting some part or the section of your home exteriors or planning of painting the whole, Preparation for the painting job is one of the most important steps to be followed by the home owners. It will help you in ensuring that your painting job is going to be done well. Not only the proper preparing will offer the appearance of the paint to look well but it will help you in saving lot of your work in future.

Process of painting the home exteriors:

Protect the landscaping:

Before you start the process of painting your home exteriors, you need to protect the landscape around your home. The painting and cleaning process involves some of the harsh chemicals that might be one of the causes for detrimenting the health of your plants and trees grown. It is advisable of covering with a plastic form of sheet on the plants which are close the parts of paint. Cleaning up the mess after you complete the process of painting the home exteriors will; be little easier for the home owners.

Provide the surface a good cleaning:

Paint is absorbed best when it is applied on a clean surface. Mildew, dirt, mold or grime and any other sources of dirt can be one of the causes for unsatisfied painting on the home exteriors. One of the best ways of properly cleaning the surface for painting is using pressure washer by making the use of detergents. It is advisable of using the pressure washer with proper care because it might cause damage to the wood or the surface of the exteriors. You can also make the use of Tri-sodium phosphate because it is very easy and safe of using. Even brushing is one of the best options to exercise while painting your home exteriors.

Remove any loose paint:

After cleaning the surface from any accumulated dirt or debris, make sure that you don’t observe any loosen paint color. If you’re using a pressure washer in the first step, a lot of work is going to be eliminated by using it. Use a wire brush if you observe any paint that is readily flaking off from the surface. But keep in mind that you don’t need to peel up the entire paint from the surface of the wood.

Fill in the surface imperfection:

After removing the entire surface of loose paint, it is important for the home owners to thoroughly examine any home cracks observed on the home exteriors. Whether the surface is stucco or wood, the idea is to make the surface look perfect without any imperfection. It is important to fill the cracks by adding putty and caulking to well so that it can help you in offer a better surface for painting or repainting your exteriors.

Simple Decor Ideas for Kids Room

Kids Room ideas

Kids Room Decor ideas

There is nothing to flabbergast about that kids spend most of their time in their bedroom. Whether it is working, playing or sleeping, everything is mostly acted in their own room. The kids room should be the reflection of their personalities. Trust me, it is very easy to lost yourself while decorating your kids room. It is advisable to décor the kids room keeping in mind their wish and interest. Get inspired by the ways of keeping your kids room distinctive, cheerful and well organized. Make the wonders by adding the essence of kids nature into their bedroom. The below stated ideas and tip leads in getting one of an ideal kids bedroom decor.

Kids room décor tips:

  • Select a soothing wall paint that offers a better ambience for your kids. Lavender is one of the great options to try in your kids room because it gives the room an ease into sleep feel to the kids.
  • A striking piece of art is another best idea to try up that is suitable to your kids room. Enlarge a photo of your kids. But remember the standard size of frame and height. After getting the photo frame, cut photo in equal size and frame it well. Way more dramatic than you thought for.
  • Want to add some fun feature to the kids room? Chalk board paints make it fun for your kids. It is one of the interactive backdrops for any type of bedroom. You can call it as the repurposed school locker that is used for storing your stuffs.
  • Dresser should be changed a little bit make it more colorful and attractive for the kids. Perking up a dresser with certain colorful ribbons is added in the list of cost effective kids room décor.
  • Try something different this time. Unify your kid’s room by adding simple relaxing colors patterns and schemes. Well, a dresser is bit important tip that is helpful in not only using it for the bedroom but can also be used for storing your office stuffs.
  • For the shared reading time, create a warmer place for your kids. A book case is one of the better options to go for. Good lighting, a stocked book case and cuddle worthy seating is just what your kids need.
  • Want to act something smart? Stringing wire from wall to wall is something interesting for your kids room décor. It is one of the inexpensive step that home owners can easily afford while decorating the kids room.
  • Displaying an art gallery for your kid’s art work is something different and sounds interesting for your kids too. Add up the art work by increasing the charm of their work. Add different frames to the art.
  • Making some art by adding different collage work on the walls of the kids room is very innovative and helps in increasing the charm of the kids bedroom. Don’t forget to involve your kids while performing this change. Because it always includes many changes and perception of the kids.

Tips To Clean Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen flooring is made up from one of these materials: vinyl, laminate, wood or ceramic tile. All these materials have different ways of cleaning. Kitchen floors are the place which becomes dirty the most and needs regular cleaning. Cleaning kitchen flooring is not that difficult, you just need to follow the right tips and you will get sparkling clean kitchen flooring. For common spills like grease, sticky mess, food, you can clean kitchen flooring by using damp paper towel. If this does not work, collect your effort for appropriate cleaners for each type of floors and also a bit of elbow grease. Here are detailed tips for cleaning kitchen flooring.

  • How to clean kitchen flooring of vinyl

Vinyl is the most common kitchen surface. Cleaning and maintaining vinyl floors is really very easy. But still it is advisable to remove stains from your vinyl floors as soon as possible. If you let the stain sit on your floor for very long time, cleaning kitchen flooring can be very much difficult for you.

Things to be used

  • Bucket
  • Warm water
  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Dish wash detergent
  • Clean towel
  • Brush having rubber bristles

Cleaning process

  • Start by sweeping the floors and make sure to flush the dirt from every corner and from under the appliances.
  • First of all try to clean kitchen flooring with warm water and a mop. Detergent is not needed in the first level.
  • If still the dirt remains, then mix dishwashing soap in warm water and then mop the floor with that. Don’t over apply the dishwashing soap, it should have only light bubbles.
  • By using soft cloth or mop, scrub your floor gently. If the dirt is very much stubborn girl, then go for using rubber bristled brush.
  • Make use of towel to clean the excess moisture and then let the floor dry properly.
  • How to clean kitchen flooring made of ceramic tile

If you are having glazed ceramic tile flooring then it is very much low maintenance. If the above mentioned method doesn’t work for cleaning kitchen flooring, you can use commercial ceramic cleaner for getting the job done.

Things to be used

  • Warm water
  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • Mop or sponge
  • Mild dishwashing detergent

Cleaning process

  • First of all sweep the floors deeply and don’t miss out the under of appliances and also the corners.
  • After that fill the bucket with warm water.
  • If there are any sticky or greasy spots on the floor then add up some dish washing detergent in the warm water.
  • Sponge or mop the floor by rinsing frequently.
  • Make sure to let the floor dry properly before using it.

Additional tips and tricks

  • Clean the spills as soon as possible for avoiding any damage or stains to your floors.
  • Grease, which is a common kitchen floor issue, can easily be tacked by using general dish wash detergent and warm water.
  • Use scotch bite pad for cleaning any stuck-on food stains. Make sure you are not using wire scouring pad for cleaning any of the floor type as it can damage the floors badly.

Tips To Find A Goof Roofer

Finding a good rooferIt is very important to find a good roofer or else you will have to suffer a lot. You have to make some detailed research before finding a good roofer. Your roof is indeed very important for your house and so it is for you. A strong roof is a sign of safe house and on a contrary a week is a sign of dangerous house which will also put you and your family members into danger which you will of course not like. Hence make sure you find a good roofer and hand over your roof in safe hands. Many of the times, the issues in your roof is small and you can also do it yourself but finding a good roofer and handing job to him would be more convenient and better option.  If the problem with your roof is major then it is compulsory for you’re to find a good roofer and get your roof fixed soon. If rainy season is on the head, then it is better to hurry up and find a good roofer and get your roof fixed as soon as possible. Here are some of the tips to find a good roofer.

  • Ask at least three roofers about the roof. Let each of them visit your roof and give their individual judgment. Ask them many questions so that you can good judgment about your roof and even about the terms and conditions and policies and even prices of roofer prevalent in the market. Seek all the information from each roofer and get appropriate knowledge. Take your time to judge and make an informed decision with care and caution and find a good roofer. Don’t just rush into the decision of finding a good roofer. Be patient making research and then go for the best one among all.
  • Don’t just opt for the roofer who bids the lowest as this is not the right way of finding a good roofer. Compare what the entire thing is offered by the roofer and how they vary from one another and which would be more convenient and better for you. Also check out for any hidden cost if any. If all the bids your roofers give is having difference of around 20% then it is normal and then you can go for the one with lowest bidding but only if the services offered by him is proper.
  • Don’t consider anything which is not in writing. Always take surety in writing by your roofer. The bid he is making for your job, also the estimate of cost all must be taken in writing. Also take the time in which he is going to complete his job and what about the workers accident compensation all details must be taken in writing.
  • While finding a good roofer, you must clarify the mode of payment. There are some roofers who want half of the payment in advance and half when the job is done while there are some who takes the full payment after the job is done. Thus Get to know the payment mode of roofer you are opting to.






Tips Of Decorating Your Kids Bedroom

Decorating kids roomIs your kid’s bedroom dull and boring? Do you think it needs a change? Well now it’s the right time to say bye to the drab and say hey to the fab. Decorating your kid’s bedroom is not just exciting and joyful for your kid but it can also be full of excitement for you. Decorating your kid’s bedroom cannot be according to a rule book suggesting what to do and what not to do. Decorating your kid’s bedroom is an experimental process and the decisions to be made would be according to the taste and personality of your kid. There are many creative and unique ideas for decorating your kid’s bedroom and making it look more attractive and interesting. Here are some of the tips of decorating your kid’s bedroom and making your kid happy with a makeover of his room.

  • Color their room

It’s a natural and common thing that kids love color. You don’t need to apply brain for that as to what color to opt for decorating your kid’s bedroom. It has to be cute and funky colors for decorating your kid’s bedroom. Color is a great way to add inters and vibrancy to your room and it also help to lift up your mood. When we talk about colors, it is not just in the matter of walls, colors can be induced in many parts of your kid’s room like cushions, accessories, wall art, and furniture. Each and every part filled with color can look tacky hence either you can go for painting the walls with vibrant colors and keep the other stuff neutrally colored or you can go for painting the wall with neutral color and add colors to the other stuff of the room.

  • Funky furniture

Decorating your kid’s room need not be an expensive project always. Of course you need to have some adorable pieces of furniture but it is not necessary that it should be new only. You can do the magic with the old piece of furniture while decorating your kid’s bedroom and make it creative. You can try painting old furniture with cute colors or you can also paint it with geometrical shapes or you can put some stickers on the old furniture. Try to bring the furniture which has good storage capacity. Kids have a lot of stuff, even more than we adults have. They have their clothes, shoes, books, other school materials and the main and the foremost thing their toys. Thus I not given a proper storage facility they can create their room a total mess. Thus while decorating your kids bedroom, make sure to install good storage furniture.

  • Accessorize

You can really have some great fun while accessorizing. You can add many of the things while decorating your kid’s bedroom. You can add cartoon printed rug, colorful and playful cushions, creative wall arts and many such small little cute arts. One of the most interesting things to add is lighting. Lighting can really do the magic while decorating your kid’s bedroom. You can also add a decorative reading lamp to your kid’s bedroom.

Benefits Of Having A Fence In The House

FencingAre you confused as to whether to have a fence in the house or not? If you think that having a fence in the house is just for the purpose of decoration then you are wrong. There are many benefits of having a fence in the house which are much more important and essential then just decoration. Having a fence in the house can give you feeling of security and along with that having a fence in the house also avails you with privacy. It also depends which type of fence you install but whichever you opt for you are going to have all this attachments of benefits with it. There are several benefits of having a fence in the house, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Shelter

Having a fence in the house will let your property give some kind of shelter element. Having a fence in the house will act like a wind breaker and stop the wind from affecting you, your property and also your plant life. Extreme wind can also be dangerous and hence having a fence in the house will protect you from that. Based on the position of your home and also your fence, it can also avail you with the shade whenever needed. Thus having a fence in the house will save you from wind and also from sun.

  • Decoration

Having a fence in the house can also help you as a piece of decoration for decorating your house and addi8ng up a piece of appeal to your house.  If your garden has landscaping then adding a fence can be a great source of decoration. You can also paint your fence or you can even stain it by the color going with your garden. This can look very beautiful and creative. These are such things which adapt with the paint.

  • Variety

One of the biggest advantages of having a fence in your house is that fence comes in variety of materials and range and colors and thus you can have plenty of options to select from and add beauty to your home with the kind of things you want and in your range. The most beautiful material is wood as it is very elegant and it also gives great look when installed in your garden.

  • Protection

Having a fence in your house is a great source of adding protection to your house. When you have small kids and pets in your house then fence add great source to have protection for them. Kids and pets both are such which can go out of the house and it becomes difficult to keep an eye on them all the time. Thus having a fence in the house will protect them. It will also give your property some sought of privacy as any person who is passing by could not peep into the house. Thus it is also a great source of adding privacy to your home.