How to prevent your leather furniture from smelling bad

leather furniture, furniture maintenanceThe leather furniture is very sensitive and are permanently damaged by excessive moisture. If your leather furniture is affected by bad smell then that tends to remain much longer than stains and spills. Sometime leather breaks down over time. So you need to take special care for them.

The pure leather furniture is more difficult to clean than the synthetic fibers because leather grain pervade strong smells like smoke, food odor, perfume, vomit, or the tanning process itself. Bring out your leather furniture outside from your house under scorching sunlight twice in a year. Brush thoroughly with soft nylon brush to remove dust. Use the professionally formulated leather cleaner lotion for maintaining the shine of the leather. Baking soda can also be used for cleaning leather. For rubbing, it is best to use spirit or alcohol to clean finish.

Elements of a Victorian décor for your bedroom

bedroom decor, bedroomVictorian décor, the name itself suggests that it is from the Victorian era. Usually in a Victorian décor, the styles will profoundly involve with orderly placement of items in the room and with great ornamental work. And it’ll be a mix of ancient English style along with Asian and middle-east style. Victorian décor can be used in any room.

Here are some important elements that will be used in decorating a bedroom:

• You can place a great looking brass or a jeweled mirror.
• A small figurine of Egeria will enhance the look in your bedroom. There are some more greatly carved antiques available in the market.
• Painting the wall with deep hues and neutral colors such as ruby, emerald green and sapphire, will perfectly set the Victorian tone.
• Make sure the furnitures are having a luxurious and rich ornamental look.
• Use heavy embroidery work on bed covers, pillows, table cloths and on curtains.

Going vintage with your décor

The most fascinating thing about the vintage style is that it always gives a fresh look to your home. It is hot, bright, new ideas to decorate your dull and old looking circumstance. For giving a new looks to your home or garden make a shopping destination to the local thrift shop, antique store. Always be patient and choosy when you are exclusively looking for the decorative item. Give more importance to the quality than its appearance.

• Thrift furniture: always keep your eye out for the unusual bits and pieces plus the stuffs that perfectly fit with your other furniture.

• Chairs and sofas: These pieces of items are very easy to renew by a little polish. Graceful French chairs, 60’s bubble chair are always the good choices.

• Cushion and bedding: comfortable, embroidered and sometime homemade cushions give your home a appropriate look which is pleasant to eye. They bring back the personality of your households.

• Flowering and ornamental plant: this option will refresh up the interior and the plant tubs must be of ceramic items.

Ways to darken tile grout

The main problem with bright grout takes a serious form when it accumulated dirt. Due to continuous accumulation of dirt, the grout becomes very much marked and looks odd. It spoils the beauty of the whole house. So you must think of proper corrective measures to do away with this problem. You can darken the grout since dirt can hide well behind the darker grout. Various types of stains are available in the market that can be used. You must choose such a stain which goes properly with the colors of your tiles.

Prior to application of the tiles, clean the tiles properly with warm water containing a soap solution and a scrubber. Let the tile surface dry completely otherwise the stains can’t be applied properly. You can use a paintbrush or a toothbrush to apply the stains to the grout. If you are looking for darker shades, then you can very easily apply several layers of stains. But you must be very careful regarding the fact that the stains should not accumulate at a single point as this will lead to lumping of the stains at certain points. Also give sufficient time between each layer while applying multiple layers of stains.

5 Tips To Winter Proofing Your Home

home care, winter home careThe winter is a cold season and more often than not it can be very harsh on a household if not fully prepared for it. Hence the 5 essential tips for winter proofing your home are as follows:
• To check that the home is well insulated as nearly half of the heat inside the house is lost due to poorly insulated walls, attics and floors. Ensure that the insulation is thick and in good condition.
• Ensuring that there is an adequate supply of fuel for heating or cooling and also having an alternative should the main supply fall
• Servicing of the boiler should be done and it should be made sure that all the heating equipment is well maintained
• The storage of the fuel should be away, safe and dry
• Water pipes in danger of freezing should be insulated and also any other empty hose pipes and external water sources