Bohemian Décor for Your Bedroom

Bohemian bedroom Décor, bedroom decorBohemian décor can really create a very relaxing and laid-back but colorful look for your bedroom. Bohemia seeks joy, freedom and color derived from natural beauty and creative mindset. So use a lot of inspiring colors for the fabrics like purple, blue, pink, red and yellows. Make sure there are a lot of cushions and you can also use glitter and sequins on the cushions for a retro and bright feel.

For the walls, you can settle for white or you can also go for a bright color like brick red or orange or Prussian blue as well. Sunshine yellow is also a good color to go for. Use lots of pictures and wall hangings to decorate the walls. You can also make some kind of wall art or picture frame which you make by yourself for a personalized touch. You can go for a nice rug for the room as well. You should also keep a lot of plants in the room or hang them near windows. Use nice warm lighting. You can also go for fairy lights for a light hearted look of warmth and glory.