Marble flooring is always elegant

Marble flooringIf you have been thinking of doing your floors the grand way then the best option in front of you would be to opt for marble floors. There is something majestic about marble floors that make you fall in love with them the moment you step on them. Marble floors are cold in summer and thus make for perfect places where you can sit and engage in gossip with your friends and family members.

The best thing about marble floors is that they are extremely hard and strong. This means that you can move around your heavy furniture around in your house, without worrying about any prominent scratches. Another thing that works to the advantage of marbles is that since they are so hardy and almost resistant to water, it is absolutely no problem taking care of them.

Marbles are available in various colors and patterns and this means that they can be used in any room, no matter what the décor is.


Prepping up your home for the upcoming birthday party

 birthday party, home decorIs the birthday of your loved ones i just around the corner and you are planning to decorate your house in the best possible way? Then, you must start the work in advance to choose the right colours, decoration items and other accessories to prep up your home. Firstly, you need to decide a theme for the party as today theme parties are a massive hit. Next, choose the base colour keeping the theme in mind and all decorations will be done on the base colour.

Wall decals, paintings and balloons have to be a part of the decor irrespective of the birthday boy or girl’s age. Photographs are a great way of expression. So, you can put the best photographs of the birthday boy or girl covering an entire side of a wall. The photos should be from childhood till present date. A big decorated box can be kept on one side where guest will put in their gifts. Finally, order a customized cake to make the day more special for your loved one.

Decorate your kitchen with wooden furniture

kitchen decor, kitchenWood has always provided an authentic look to any of your room. Kitchen is a place in a home that should look clean and have a royal ambience. Wooden furniture is one of the best options for decorating your kitchen. There are different varieties of wooden furniture available in the market. You can select among the varieties of wood and decide upon which to select. The wooden furniture not only provides a royal look to your kitchen but it also is an eco friendly furniture as it can be recycled.

For a kitchen, you can add up various storage spaces. There are kitchen in which it is used for dining purpose too. Buying dining tables and matching chairs or stools gives the kitchen a better look. If you are looking for extra storage space then a wooden pantry is one of the best ideas. It adds extra space with a great look. The bakers’ shelf is a best way to store bakery products, appliances and cookbooks. The wooden furniture not only is decorative but also functional.

Decorating a Room with Dark Colored Walls

Home decor ideas, home decorIf you happen to have a room which has dark colored walls like in midnight blue or dark purple, deep wine red or even grey or brown or black, then you should make use of décor items and accessories in a very selective manner so that the room doesn’t look cramped up and tiny. Dark walls tend to make a room look smaller so make sure small rooms are not colored in dark shade in the first place.

You must make sure that the room doesn’t look gloomy. Have good lighting, make sure sunlight passes into the room creating a warm feel and look and you must also make sure that the furniture and fabric are used and deselected in such a way that there are more light colors in them and some of the smaller objects can be in darker shades. Mirror works and large rugs can help dark colored rooms look more spacious and lovely.