Wall decorations for your child’s room

kids’ rooms decor, home decorIf you are planning for some new, attractive and unique wall decorations for your child’s room, there are many options for you. You can go for a complete makeover of your child’s room by going for some new painting schemes on the wall. There are many new shades that you can consider doing on the wall of your child’s room.

While you can go for some attractive patterns or designs to be painted on the walls of your child’s room. Other than various designer shades, you can also go for textured shades for the walls. Other than these things, you can also go for different scenes from fairy tales, stories of superheroes, mythological characters and stories, etc to be painted on walls. All these things will amaze your child to a greater extent. If you have daughter then going for the Barbie doll theme on the wall can be a really attractive thing.
While the painting is a little costly, you can always go for the wallpapers which are much cheaper compared to painting and can be easily removed and new one can be paste as and when desired.

Decorative wall hangings for your kitchen

Decorative wall hangings for kitchenIf you are looking for a unique decoration of your kitchen, there are many options for you. You can go for new and latest design accessories. You can even use wall hangings for your kitchen. There are many types of painting available in the market. You can use one that is suitable with the interior of your kitchen.

While on one hand you can go for a painting, you can even purchase some handicraft wall hanging for your kitchen. You can hang pictures of various cuisines from all around the wall. Keeping pictures of various accessories, fruits, vegetables, etc in the kitchen can be a very wise decision.

You can also hang pictures of well known artists. You have to choose such a picture which is in compliance with the interior of your kitchen. You can visit the interior design shop to look for best suited wall hanging for your kitchen.

Staircases: Types And Styles

Staircases, stairsIn house staircases add a different and unique appeal to your house. With the latest designs and techniques available nowadays you can easily make it the centre of attraction of your décor. Firstly, you have to decide what kind of staircase that you want- spiral, straight, curved or a uniquely designed architectural marvel. Once you decide this, it will also help you decide the material you must use to get the desired staircase.

Materials like wood, wrought iron, stainless steel, metal, wood, laminates and many more can be used for construction, texturing and styling of the staircase. Selecting the right colors also is a n important part of styling your stairs. You can be innovative and transform your staircases with simple changes like the use of velvet on the steps, unique accessories on the railings. With these tips in hand, you will surely get a lot of compliments for your staircases.

The biggest bed in the world and more extreme home designs

bedroom style extremeThere is a theory that advocates eclectic design. The idea is that well-made and well-designed pieces will go together, whether they match or not. In some situations this might work. An Andy Warhol painting might go together with an Eames chair, for example. Mid century Danish furniture might look stunning next to a 16th century Ming vase. However, the idea does not always work.

It may be successful with larger, more dominant pieces of furniture. Having the bed biggest you can find in the bedroom will tend to overshadow any other design features, meaning there is room for eclectic design.

In fact, if you are going for the eccentric or eclectic then the bigger the better. Having a sofa made out of an old car seat in the living room only works when everything else is equally as bonkers. A car seat sofa in a living room that’s otherwise chintzy and traditional will just look plain weird.

When we’re talking about dining sets, however, eclectic and eccentric just doesn’t seem to work. Serve up a dinner on several different types of plates, of all sizes, shapes and colours, and it’s unlikely people will appreciate your eclectic eye for design. The more likely first impression is going to be that you’ve had to mix and match because you don’t have enough crockery.

There are some things in the house that complement each other when they are different. Even several different reclaimed or upcycled chairs around a dinner table can look good (check out the girls apartment in Friends if you don’t believe us) but a dinner set should be just that, a set. It is not a collection of lots of individual items; it comes together as one larger set.

Dining sets have to match to look good. If you’re hosting a party, you need to have a set that’s big enough for all your guests. It’s all about creating impressions when you’re the host and with a rag-tag assortment of plates and cutlery it looks like you’re under prepared. We hate to go all Hyacinth Bucket on you but we really think it does matter.

Extreme home design is great. It lets you put your own individual mark on the place you live. By all means choose extreme crockery, being unique is a wonderful thing, but just make sure it matches.

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