How to maintain your hardwood flooring

hardwood flooringHardwood flooring is surely a glam addition to your home. A timber flooring is always classy to flaunt and is reliable as well given its strong durability. Besides, your hardwood flooring enhances your property value by great extent- in case you plan to sell off the house in future years. However, you must know that your hardwood flooring needs proper maintenance to ensure the elegant sheen for years. The article here is a brief on hardwood floor maintenance.

The first thing to know here is that your hardwood floor demands regular sweep. You have to keep the floor clean from sand, dust and dirt particles which might create scratches on the floor surface. Use a fine bristled brush here for a gentle sweep on the surface. The floor experts also suggest vacuuming once or twice a week to suck off dust from the floor crevasses. Never use water directly on hardwood floor surface as wirer is damaging for timber. Use only the hardwood specific floor cleaners.

Then, you have to be careful with the furniture when you have a hardwood flooring. Never buy any furniture with wheels when you have wooden flooring at home. The wheels always leave on unsightly scratches on your classy floor surface. Besides, you should lift the furniture up while shifting them around the floor. Never make the mistake of dragging them on the floor. Use felt pads under the heavyweight tables and chairs so that the pressure is never direct on the floor surface.

What more, never walk the hardwood floor with your shoes on? Get a shoepack outside the room so that the guests get a place to store their shoes before stepping onto the floor. Always remember that direct sunlight is very damaging for hardwood surface. So always hang heavy curtains from the windows when you have hardwood flooring.

Getting To Know Air Conditioning Ducts Better

Air Conditioning DuctsAll air conditioning units have an essential component called air conditioning ducts. The main function of these ducts is to deliver and remove air from your home. Whether the cool air is delivered appropriately from the air conditioner to the entire room or house will depend on the condition of the ducts present in your air conditioner. The air conditioning ducts are responsible for the maintenance of indoor temperature and air quality in your house. Air conditioning ducts are divided into three main categories: Overhead ducts, spot cooling ducts and ducts utilized for environments that are very hot.

As you can see that the entire working of your air conditioner depends mostly on the efficient functioning of AC ducts, it is absolutely to get them replaced as and when required so that the various cooling problems related to ACs can be avoided in the future. The three signs that will help you know whether the ducts in your AC are working properly or not are the following:

• If the temperature in your room or house varies frequently then you can get your AC ducts inspected for any problem because fully-functional AC ducts are supposed to distribute cool air equally.
• In case the room in which the AC is installed gets suddenly stuffy and the humidity inside the room increases immediately then surely there is going to be a problem in your AC ducts.
• When your electricity bills starts to increase then you can very well understand that the AC ducts are working harder to distribute cool air all throughout the room or house.

You must hire only an expert mechanic to handle the repair or replacement of air conditioning ducts because understanding these ducts is not that easy and you cannot repair them effectively on your own as the AC duct system is highly complicated.