How To Clean Grout On Tile Floor

Clean Grout On Tile FloorGrout is a serious nuisance for your tile floors especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. While black grout marks are rare, the grey and white grout marks are really common over time, rendering a very nasty look for your floors. Thus apart from general floor cleaning you have to be conscious about grout cleaning from the tiles as well.

Picking the right cleaning solution

Your best bet here is the floor cleaner with anti-fungal properties that can help to lessen the mold growth. These are the most needed for the damp bathroom areas. Bleach based cleaners are also great, particularly for the light grey and white grout marks. Chlorine beach & oxygen bleach are the most helpful here. Otherwise you can yourself make a homemade grout cleaner by mixing baking soda with vinegar.

The cleaning steps

Prior to starting off with the cleaning, you must use a good mop or broom for a smooth wipe across the floor. This helps to clear the tiles of the accumulated dirt, easing the access to grout marks. Now, it’s time to apply the grout cleaning solution & make sure to cover the entire grout area with the solution. Do not, however, saturate your floor & take care to cover up till the floor crevices.

Leave the floor like that for around half an hour. Thirty minutes is good enough time to allow the stains to loosen up so that it gets simpler to lift the stains off. Now, use a strong hard-bristled brush for scrubbing out the grout. If you don’t want to buy a scrubbing brush, your old toothbrush can be counted upon. After you are done with the scrubbing, rinse your floor with fresh clean water & let it dry properly. In case of stubborn stains, the cleaning process must be carried on frequently for best results.

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