Pros and Cons of Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor heatingIt’s very expensive to install underfloor heating and that too water fed system. So it’s not a thing which is to be taken lightly. You need to have a good study of underfloor heating before you decide to install it in your house. Thus here is some of the pros and cons of underfloor heating.

Pros of underfloor heating

In cold winter mornings, it’s very hard to step up on floor. To get a warm touch on the floor, underfloor heating system is to be installed. This underfloor heating is very modern and high spec feature. By installing this system in your house, the resale price is also pushed up letting you get more price during sale. Instead of bulky radiators, a large system is more desirable as it offers house with more space and a clean beautiful finish. While using radiator for heating your room, the problem you face is that it heat up the area speedily and after a while the heat rises and it gradually starts irritating you. While underfloor heating system can be more efficient to use for heating a room as it heats larger surface area from the floor upwards at lower temperature. Thus there is not too much heat with a consistency in temperature.


  • Offers you with cozy and warm tile and stone floors
  • It is likely to install in new construction or retrospectively
  • It avails you with high quality finishing
  • Space of the room and wall can be enlarged by replacing radiators
  • Bucket full of options are available covering varied range of flooring types


Cons of underfloor heating

The usual problem with this underflooring heating system is that it takes too much time to heat up although the same thing same thing applies in cooling down also. It even doesn’t cool down so quickly. This can be problematic if want immediate warmth in your room and you are depending upon the underfloor heating system. It’s not necessary that this system will definitely be able to replace radiators. The small underfloor heating system is able to keep the floors warm but able to keep the whole room warm so you need to pay for both. Underfloor heating system is very expensive to install. Not only its installation is pricey along with it, its maintenance and running cost is also very high specifically if it enhances your main heating system. It’s not a budgetary essential but it is a luxury extra. One of the disadvantages of underfloor heating is that it restrict the layout of your room.


  • Underfloor heating system cannot replace radiators as main heating source.
  • It takes long time to heet up the room
  • It can be an upheaval if retrofit installation of underfloor heating is done
  • It is very expensive