Pros and Cons of Choosing Wood Shake Shingles

wood shake shingle roofingThere are several home owners who prefer to install wood shake shingles in their house. The reason behind choosing wood shake shingle roof is its naturally beautiful look and different personality. A unique quality about these wood shake shingles is that even you have installed the same type of shingle as of your neighbor then also it will not look same. It would give different look then your neighbor. The difference arises in the pattern, color, thickness, wood cut, and the variation in material. You need to be aware that installing wood shake shingle roofing is not an easy work to accomplish. Thus you need to go for a skilled contractor or roofer if you are of the view to install this wood shake shingle roofing.

Pros and cons of choosing wood shake shingle roofing

Wood shake shingle roofs offers natural look but along with that they are also versatile, renewable, eco friendly and give a beautiful aesthetic appeal which asphalt shingle roofing fails to give. The task of installing wood shake shingle roofing is very tricky and creative. It’s not cup of tea of each and every person and this is the reason behind it being expensive and costly. These woods shake shingle roofing also needs extra care and maintenance as compared to other types of roofing. If you want to enhance the longetivity of your wood shingle roofing then it’s vital to have an annual inspection along with appr4opriate and care and maintenance.

The average age of wood shingle roofing is between 30 to 60 years depending upon the materials you use and installation and maintenance. If you intend to increase the appearance of the roof, you should try the application of chemical cleansing solution and power washing and preservatives along with pigmented finishes. These can add extra look to your roofing.

Cost of materials and installation

The extra ordinary beauty of wood shake shingle brings a higher cost along with it. It is an obvious fact that if you want something extra well you also need to pay extra price for it. It is approximately three to five times higher than cedar shake roofing or even composite or asphalt shingle roofing along with paying a premium for the purpose of installation. While talking about the cedar shake roofing, it lasts longer as compared to asphalt shingle roofing. It has an extra life span of five to ten years more than standard shingles. If you go for the consideration of the lasting life span of wood shake shingles than it is worth considering the materials longetivity with extra cost.

Environmental and energy advantages of wood shake roofing

Wood shingle roofing is a very good choice for environmental efficiency. They are made of natural and renewable resources. Cedar shakes are also biodegradable, thus they will not sit in landfills for decades unlike some of the counter parts of them. There are some kind of wood materials for roofing which are totally recyclable and it takes very less energy to make it at first place and thus it is very energy efficient.