Pros and Cons of Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor heatingIt’s very expensive to install underfloor heating and that too water fed system. So it’s not a thing which is to be taken lightly. You need to have a good study of underfloor heating before you decide to install it in your house. Thus here is some of the pros and cons of underfloor heating.

Pros of underfloor heating

In cold winter mornings, it’s very hard to step up on floor. To get a warm touch on the floor, underfloor heating system is to be installed. This underfloor heating is very modern and high spec feature. By installing this system in your house, the resale price is also pushed up letting you get more price during sale. Instead of bulky radiators, a large system is more desirable as it offers house with more space and a clean beautiful finish. While using radiator for heating your room, the problem you face is that it heat up the area speedily and after a while the heat rises and it gradually starts irritating you. While underfloor heating system can be more efficient to use for heating a room as it heats larger surface area from the floor upwards at lower temperature. Thus there is not too much heat with a consistency in temperature.


  • Offers you with cozy and warm tile and stone floors
  • It is likely to install in new construction or retrospectively
  • It avails you with high quality finishing
  • Space of the room and wall can be enlarged by replacing radiators
  • Bucket full of options are available covering varied range of flooring types


Cons of underfloor heating

The usual problem with this underflooring heating system is that it takes too much time to heat up although the same thing same thing applies in cooling down also. It even doesn’t cool down so quickly. This can be problematic if want immediate warmth in your room and you are depending upon the underfloor heating system. It’s not necessary that this system will definitely be able to replace radiators. The small underfloor heating system is able to keep the floors warm but able to keep the whole room warm so you need to pay for both. Underfloor heating system is very expensive to install. Not only its installation is pricey along with it, its maintenance and running cost is also very high specifically if it enhances your main heating system. It’s not a budgetary essential but it is a luxury extra. One of the disadvantages of underfloor heating is that it restrict the layout of your room.


  • Underfloor heating system cannot replace radiators as main heating source.
  • It takes long time to heet up the room
  • It can be an upheaval if retrofit installation of underfloor heating is done
  • It is very expensive

How To Clean Grout On Tile Floor

Clean Grout On Tile FloorGrout is a serious nuisance for your tile floors especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. While black grout marks are rare, the grey and white grout marks are really common over time, rendering a very nasty look for your floors. Thus apart from general floor cleaning you have to be conscious about grout cleaning from the tiles as well.

Picking the right cleaning solution

Your best bet here is the floor cleaner with anti-fungal properties that can help to lessen the mold growth. These are the most needed for the damp bathroom areas. Bleach based cleaners are also great, particularly for the light grey and white grout marks. Chlorine beach & oxygen bleach are the most helpful here. Otherwise you can yourself make a homemade grout cleaner by mixing baking soda with vinegar.

The cleaning steps

Prior to starting off with the cleaning, you must use a good mop or broom for a smooth wipe across the floor. This helps to clear the tiles of the accumulated dirt, easing the access to grout marks. Now, it’s time to apply the grout cleaning solution & make sure to cover the entire grout area with the solution. Do not, however, saturate your floor & take care to cover up till the floor crevices.

Leave the floor like that for around half an hour. Thirty minutes is good enough time to allow the stains to loosen up so that it gets simpler to lift the stains off. Now, use a strong hard-bristled brush for scrubbing out the grout. If you don’t want to buy a scrubbing brush, your old toothbrush can be counted upon. After you are done with the scrubbing, rinse your floor with fresh clean water & let it dry properly. In case of stubborn stains, the cleaning process must be carried on frequently for best results.

How to maintain your hardwood flooring

hardwood flooringHardwood flooring is surely a glam addition to your home. A timber flooring is always classy to flaunt and is reliable as well given its strong durability. Besides, your hardwood flooring enhances your property value by great extent- in case you plan to sell off the house in future years. However, you must know that your hardwood flooring needs proper maintenance to ensure the elegant sheen for years. The article here is a brief on hardwood floor maintenance.

The first thing to know here is that your hardwood floor demands regular sweep. You have to keep the floor clean from sand, dust and dirt particles which might create scratches on the floor surface. Use a fine bristled brush here for a gentle sweep on the surface. The floor experts also suggest vacuuming once or twice a week to suck off dust from the floor crevasses. Never use water directly on hardwood floor surface as wirer is damaging for timber. Use only the hardwood specific floor cleaners.

Then, you have to be careful with the furniture when you have a hardwood flooring. Never buy any furniture with wheels when you have wooden flooring at home. The wheels always leave on unsightly scratches on your classy floor surface. Besides, you should lift the furniture up while shifting them around the floor. Never make the mistake of dragging them on the floor. Use felt pads under the heavyweight tables and chairs so that the pressure is never direct on the floor surface.

What more, never walk the hardwood floor with your shoes on? Get a shoepack outside the room so that the guests get a place to store their shoes before stepping onto the floor. Always remember that direct sunlight is very damaging for hardwood surface. So always hang heavy curtains from the windows when you have hardwood flooring.

Bamboo Flooring- A Brief Overview On Advantages & Maintenance

Bamboo Flooring, flooringBamboo flooring is a dominant choice when it comes to contemporary flooring these days. Bamboo based flooring is originally a part of oriental civilization mostly common in the Asian nations like Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Philippines. However, the beneficial properties of this oriental flooring have earned it a popular place in the Western world as well. Truly, bamboo flooring assures many advantages. The article here is a brief overview on the many benefits of bamboo flooring followed by a short note on bamboo floor maintenance.

Good bits of bamboo flooring

The first and foremost benefit of bamboo flooring is its eco-friendly nature which is one of the significant reasons of its growing popularity these days. The bamboo grass is a fast sustainable product which regenerates in full length within 3 years of cutting while the hardwood plants take minimum 2 decades to regrow. Besides, bamboo is a pretty durable product and hence you are guaranteed of a worthy long term investment. Then, bamboo flooring is able to defy warm temperature and will make your life comfortable during summers by letting in cool breeze inside your house. Another important part of bamboo flooring is that it looks really edgy and hence won’t make you compromise on the style factor. Moreover, bamboo flooring is really handy to install.

Bamboo flooring maintenance

However, you have to be careful about the maintenance of bamboo flooring. Don’t use water on the floor and its best if you can install a dehumidifier in the room to prevent moisture formation. The floor has to be vacuumed, swept and dust mopped regularly. Use soft-bristled broom while sweeping. A dusty and dirty appearance will damage the floor finish. Then, you should place the walk-off mats near your exterior entrances which will help to capture the dirt & dust before these reach up to your floor. Do not wear high heel on bamboo flooring.

Hardwood flooring- the most popular flooring these days

Hardwood flooring, flooringThere are many reasons behind the huge popularity of the hardwood flooring. The hardwood floors are much more durable and if maintained properly, then can last a lifetime. The wooden floors have stood out to be the most beautiful and durable over the years. That’s why home owners undoubtedly select the hardwood flooring for their homes.

There are many types and patterns of the hardwood flooring available in the market. You can select the texture, pattern and design depending on your taste as well as the interior of your home. You can any time easily replace the hardwood flooring if they stained in any way.
If the stain is not deep enough, then cleaning the stain with a good floor cleaner and a cloth is not a very difficult thing. Don’t use a very harsh floor cleaner as it may result in the damage of the glossy finish of the surface of the flooring. The hardwood flooring is installed in the proper way will impart an aesthetic look to your home.

Marble flooring is always elegant

Marble flooringIf you have been thinking of doing your floors the grand way then the best option in front of you would be to opt for marble floors. There is something majestic about marble floors that make you fall in love with them the moment you step on them. Marble floors are cold in summer and thus make for perfect places where you can sit and engage in gossip with your friends and family members.

The best thing about marble floors is that they are extremely hard and strong. This means that you can move around your heavy furniture around in your house, without worrying about any prominent scratches. Another thing that works to the advantage of marbles is that since they are so hardy and almost resistant to water, it is absolutely no problem taking care of them.

Marbles are available in various colors and patterns and this means that they can be used in any room, no matter what the décor is.


Choices of Durable yet Beautiful Flooring

Flooring options, flooringIf you want to bring about a great change in your home, you can go for a colored look for your floors. Flooring options have changed and evolved over the years and today there are many options to choose from. If you want something colorful, durable, cheap and yet pretty and easy-to-maintain flooring option then you can go for vinyl tiles. They are cheap and easy to install as well.

The best thing is that they come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. You can even choose to go for the faux marble, faux stone or faux wooden vinyl tiles for a great look. Other options like marble flooring are also a good idea. Instead of going for the same pale white marble, choose black or baby blue or pink as well for a soft arm feel. You can also go for carpet flooring for a completely different look, maintenance is a bit tough, but it’s all worth it when it comes to carpet flooring options.

What is floor covering

flooringThere are a wide variety of floor covering these days to match up with your personal taste and décor. If you are really interested to look follow the post below as its all about the different floor coverings available today.

You can count on VCT flooring which is really durable and are best for the high traffic areas. The VCT flooring is especially suitable for the grocery stores and yes it calls for high maintenance. Then you have laminate floors which are a blend of cellulose and wood. Besides, you have the wood floors for a classy and elegant look.

Carpets are a widely used floor covering and you can either use the carpets to cover up a certain section of the floor or otherwise full corner to corner carpeting is also available. Rugs are a popular choice as well. However, rugs are smaller than carpets and are chiefly used to cover up a particular area over the floor.

How mosaic tiles can décor your room

Mosaic TilesMosaic tiles are versatile and are wonderful for a fantastic room décor. There are a wide variety of mosaic tiles available in the market today like glass mosaic, marble mosaic, metal mosaic & quartz mosaic which would work really well for your flooring.

If you want a traditional look, go for the marble ones while the glass option would be perfect for a trendy visual treat. Quartz are the best for a durable flooring and you can use it for your driveways and patios as well. The good part of the mosaic tiles are their extensive variety of colors that can present a bright and vibrant ambience inside the room.

If you planning to invest on mosaic tiles this time, think about the theme of your rooms. Then, choose your preferred design from your local stores or home décor websites that come up with many inspirational mosaic designs. Always remember to count on professionals for the perfect installation.