Tips on Repairing Wooden Folding Chair

Two Wooden folding chair

Image of Wooden folding chair

Wooden folding chair can easily get damaged by some of the reasons like improper use, accidents or for using it for a longer time. But, it’s important to keep the folding chair into a good condition by taking proper care of it. For keeping your wooden folding chair into a perfect condition, here are certain tips that can be followed for repairing your wooden folding chair at your home. It’s a DIY, so the home owners can easily follow up at their home.

Things needed while repairing a wooden folding chair:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • paint
  • Mechanical fasteners
  • Sandpaper
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches
  • Paintbrush

Wooden folding chair repairing tips:

  • Simply start your process of repairing your wooden folding chair by analyzing the damaged area in the chair. Analyze it completely that the damage is either crucial or normal that can easily be repaired by the home owners.
  • If your wooden folding chair is simply old and needs proper repairing and repainting, you just need to prepare you painting tools like sandpaper, paintbrush and the paint. And if you observe your wooden folding chair to be unstable you can simply add up joints for balancing it.
  • And if you observe some of the wooden parts of the chair are missing or broken, it can easily be replaced with the new ones and get back a proper and newly repaired wooden folding chair.
  • You can simply replace those parts of the wooden folding chair which are broken. You can purchase a wooden board that can be later on cut and shaped according to the size of the chair. Only cut those pieces out of the wooden board which you want to replace from your chair.
  • Measure up the length of the dimensions and mark it up on the wooden board. Cut the wooden board on the size that ids marked and sand it accurately for perfect finish. Now, place the wooden board piece on the exact place on your chair and nail it properly so that it can be secured sturdily.
  • Even you can drill a hole in the wooden board and add up screws for making it more stable and sturdy to work. Don’t forget to position the screws exactly in the place and screw it well. Another way of preserving your wooden folding chair is by repainting it. Repainting it offers more durability and longevity of making it work for a longer time.
  • After using the folding chair for a longer time, it might result in peeling off the old paint. Take a specific time for repainting your wooden folding chair for protecting it from mold, decomposition issues, and rotten wood. Start by removing the peeling paint by using a putty knife and sand up the reaming paint off from the surface.
  • Wipe it off and remove the remaining dust from the surface of the chair and add up a water resistant primer. Allow the primer to dry completely before you step ahead for painting. After applying the paint, allow the paint to dry completely before you start using it again.

How to maintain wrought iron Furniture

wrought iron FurnitureWrought iron furniture is one of the best options for decorating your home with light and stylish pieces of furniture. You can buy your favorite item from any of the stores. There are also many different online stores that sell you the best wrought iron furniture. This furniture is not only light in weight but it is also easy to maintain. Maintaining this furniture will make your wrought iron furniture item to last longer.

Here are certain things that you could do to keep your furniture in a good health. One of the easiest ways is to clean it with warm soapy water. This will keep the furniture clean and save from degrading the look of the furniture. Apart from this you must also do a regular check on the repairs required by it. Repairing it on a regular basis will help you keep it in a good shape. So use these tips to maintain your wrought iron furniture from getting damaged.

The biggest bed in the world and more extreme home designs

bedroom style extremeThere is a theory that advocates eclectic design. The idea is that well-made and well-designed pieces will go together, whether they match or not. In some situations this might work. An Andy Warhol painting might go together with an Eames chair, for example. Mid century Danish furniture might look stunning next to a 16th century Ming vase. However, the idea does not always work.

It may be successful with larger, more dominant pieces of furniture. Having the bed biggest you can find in the bedroom will tend to overshadow any other design features, meaning there is room for eclectic design.

In fact, if you are going for the eccentric or eclectic then the bigger the better. Having a sofa made out of an old car seat in the living room only works when everything else is equally as bonkers. A car seat sofa in a living room that’s otherwise chintzy and traditional will just look plain weird.

When we’re talking about dining sets, however, eclectic and eccentric just doesn’t seem to work. Serve up a dinner on several different types of plates, of all sizes, shapes and colours, and it’s unlikely people will appreciate your eclectic eye for design. The more likely first impression is going to be that you’ve had to mix and match because you don’t have enough crockery.

There are some things in the house that complement each other when they are different. Even several different reclaimed or upcycled chairs around a dinner table can look good (check out the girls apartment in Friends if you don’t believe us) but a dinner set should be just that, a set. It is not a collection of lots of individual items; it comes together as one larger set.

Dining sets have to match to look good. If you’re hosting a party, you need to have a set that’s big enough for all your guests. It’s all about creating impressions when you’re the host and with a rag-tag assortment of plates and cutlery it looks like you’re under prepared. We hate to go all Hyacinth Bucket on you but we really think it does matter.

Extreme home design is great. It lets you put your own individual mark on the place you live. By all means choose extreme crockery, being unique is a wonderful thing, but just make sure it matches.

This is a guest post from Sainsbury’s. Check out the vast range of dinning sets available at Sainsbury’s. They’ve got lots of different styles to suit every individual taste. Their sets are also big enough to ensure that you can cater for all your guests, providing a really coherent theme and design statement.

How to prevent your leather furniture from smelling bad

leather furniture, furniture maintenanceThe leather furniture is very sensitive and are permanently damaged by excessive moisture. If your leather furniture is affected by bad smell then that tends to remain much longer than stains and spills. Sometime leather breaks down over time. So you need to take special care for them.

The pure leather furniture is more difficult to clean than the synthetic fibers because leather grain pervade strong smells like smoke, food odor, perfume, vomit, or the tanning process itself. Bring out your leather furniture outside from your house under scorching sunlight twice in a year. Brush thoroughly with soft nylon brush to remove dust. Use the professionally formulated leather cleaner lotion for maintaining the shine of the leather. Baking soda can also be used for cleaning leather. For rubbing, it is best to use spirit or alcohol to clean finish.

Advantages of walk in wardrobes

walk in wardrobes, home furnitureWalk in wardrobes are a great idea when it comes to the storage of your clothes. If you love your clothe and swear by them, you will know how important it is to make a big and spacious area so that you can keep your clothes well. People with a large collection of clothes will find the walk in wardrobes highly effective.

There will be enough space and so your clothes will not be crumpled against each other. You will be able to keep them in hangers and in an assorted manner. With a proper light fixture and mirrors, you will be able to change your clothes inside the wardrobe and keep on trying new clothes until you are satisfied with the dress of the day and there will be no one to look at you and bother you. Therefore, a walk in wardrobe can be a great idea for you.

Tips to consider before buying a dining table

dining table, furnitureAre you about to buy a dining table for your new home? That’s good but you must be aware of certain considerations before you actually go out to buy the dining furniture.

First of all, be careful about the size. It’s one of the most vital factors here and you have to consider the size of the room before you make the final choice. Remember your dining space would not only include the dining table, but also the chairs and other stuffs like refrigerator or the cupboards. Your number of family members is also vital while picking up the dining furniture.

Then, make sure that the color and theme of your dining table is compatible with the existing theme and décor style of your room. When it comes to the table top, the glass table tops look really elegant and stylish but these are easily breakable and hence if you have little kids at home, go for the wooden or stone ones.

Advantages of using storage beds

storage beds, furnitureStorage beds are a great investment as these offers with a number of benefits. These kinds of beds are fitted with several drawers by their sides or else you will find the storage facility just under the bedding.

The storage beds are a fantastic and ideal if you have a small bedroom since you are getting the bedding and storage solutions from single furniture only and that too within the same floor space. It’s good to place that the storage beds come with ample space where you can not only store your pillows or blankets but also the toys, office supplies and books.
It’s god to get your kids with storage beds s that they get to keep everything organized and in proper place. Thus storage beds are great space savers and present you with a tidy bedroom. Moreover, it also relives you from spending money on extra cabinets and drawers.

Pros of using solid Oak wood furniture

oak wood furnitureSolid Oak wood furniture is the symbol of class, elegance and rich taste. Oak wood can be carved in many ways and is compatible to blend well with any sort of décor style such as Spanish, Mediterranean, American Colonial or Danish Modern. Oak reflects a warm, deep glow from within that can enrich any theme of décor, modern or vintage, with the same élan.

The good part is that oak wood furniture is eco-friendly. Oak wood comes from the sustainable forests and you will find manufacturers working with reclaimed wood which was cut many years back.
Oak wood is really hard and hence you can be assured of extreme durability with furniture carved out from solid oak hardwood. Yes, oak wood is costly, but the long-lasting factor makes the high price worthy of investment. Moreover, another benefit is that the oak furniture is highly resistant to the scratch and stains.

An idea about Antiquated furniture

Antique FurnitureThe very word “antiquated” means “old fashioned” and “antiquated furniture” implies the furniture of the by-gone antique era that are no longer in fashion these days. The antique era refers to the period between 1800-1950 and you must have some antiquated furniture which are passed on to you by your forefathers. It could be your grandpa’s old sofa set that he bought after his marriage to your grandmom or the beautiful wooden piano where granny used to practice her tunes.

The antique furnishing is mostly made of wood patterned with intricate designs. However, you will also find antiquated furniture made from metal or stone. It could be anything from the by-gone era like tables, chairs, canopy beds, almirahs, drawers, shelves or doors.

In case you do have antiquated furniture back home, don’t make the mistake of throwing it away just because these are not in trend. It’s good if you can polish it up from a professional agency to revive its lost luster making it one f the major attractions of your property.