Tips To Remove Weeds From Your Garden

Remove Weeds GardenGardening is a joy which allows peaceful breathing. It seems as you are very close to the nature. But everyone wants a lovely garden without any pests and weeds. But weeds are also part of nature. Though weeds act as remedy of healing for a state which is devoid of plants but for a groomed garden weeds should not be present in the garden. You have to give time to your garden for a healthy blooming garden. Tips that help in the removal of weeds from the garden are as follows:

• Keep the weeds in a dormant state – almost at square inch every area is filled with seeds of weed. It is the top part of the soil which allows germination so weeds like volcanoes are always in the search of erupting as the soil is cultivated and the ground is dug. So you should dig only when it is required to. Just slice through the weeds without waking them up with a narrow knife as the weeds lie dormant for long time. They should not be disturbed.

• Smothering the weeds- the process of mulching keeps the weed out of sunlight by keeping it moist and cool. Even mulching has to be replenished. If the weed seeds are dropped by the birds then the mulch will start growing again. So the mulching has to reach the bottom of the ground. If you are a first time gardener then leave the space free devoid of any mulching.

• Keeping the weeds hot- after the weeds have been moist then the best way of drying is to heat it up. But the materials that should be kept for heating have to be mixed in proportion. Moist compost needs to be solarised and should be kept in sun for heating. You can also use solar crock pots which will heat up the batches of compost.

• Naturally killing of the weeds with hand –
areas which are not big and where different variety of plants grows, removing the weeds naturally is useful together with hoeing and mulching. Devices such as mower and tiller are used for effective method of removing the weeds and also prevent the weeds from growing. For controlling weeds herbicide should be the last option.

• Removing the heads of the weeds- Perennial weed seeds have to be lopped off so as to cut off the supply of their host supply of food. The spreading of the weed will also stop. Pruning equipments are needed for cutting the top of the weed.

Plants should be tightly bound so as not to allow room for the weeds to grow. Watering of the weeds should not be done so drip irrigation is the way. Controlling of the weeds is depended on the type of weed it is- seeding weeds or the root stock weeds. The treatment of the weeds differs and it is natural based unless the situation is intensified and it cannot be treated with natural methods then chemicals are use.

How to keep your garden clean

home gardenYour garden is one of the major attractions of your home an you must take all the necessary steps to keep it clean and tidy. Here are some necessary pointers on how to clean up the garden.

First of all, you must get rid of the garden trash. Trashes would actually ruin down the visual beauty of your outdoor space and hence make sure to throw off the broken pots, the old fertilizer bag and other things which are actually hampering the overall look of the space. Cut off the dying plants as well.

Weeding is really vital for a healthy and clean garden. You have to weed the garden per week to assure that the weeds cannot overgrow and encompass the entire garden. Start up your composite pile. As you weed or trim, place your excess in composite pile which should be arranged in a separate side of the yard.