Process To Change A Shower Head

Using tool for replacing a shower head

Replacing a shower head by tool

If you have really old shower head or you have a damaged shower head then there might be extreme flow of water or leakage of water from shower. This will waste lots of water and will also result in increasing your water bills. If you have such issues, then you must instantly think of changing a shower head and saving water wastage and also your energy bills. Changing a shower head is an easy process, if you have little amount of experience then you can do it yourself. To help you out here is a simple and easy process to change a shower head. Before starting with the process of changing a shower head, you need to collect all the supplies and tools for changing a shower head. This can be really irritating if you have to go for taking the supplies in the middle of the work. This will not allow you to have flow in work and chances of making mistake and not getting desired result will increase. Hence here is list of tolls and supplies you will need for changing a shower head.

  • Masking tape
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Teflon tape
  • Shower head adaptor kit

Collect this tools and materials and then start with the process of changing a shower head.

Step 1

The first step of changing a shower head is to prepare your area for work. Take some ripped sheets of old towel and put it on the bottom of tub to save your fiberglass or porcelain surface from getting scratched while you are working. The adaptor kit which is used for replacing a shower head has a diverter device which is attached with the shower stem and it can also direct the water in two directions this will allow you to make use of tow shower head from one water source.

Step 2

For changing a shower head, you need to get rid of the old one. Use adjustable pliers for removing the old shower head. Firstly you have to wrap up the jaws of pliers by using a tape for saving them from marring the chrome.  When you have removed the old showerhead, it’s time to attach the diverter to it. Ensure that the supplied water is placed in neck of diverter as per the directions which are mentioned in the kit.

Step 3

Threads of shower head stem must be applied some Teflon tape for stopping some water leakage. When you are applying this tape, ensure that the fixture is tightened properly. If you have taped the wrap in wrong direction then it will get tear when you will install the thread and it will not help in preventing leaks.

Step 4

Make sure to tighten the diverter with the shower stem when Teflon tapes when it is applied to it. Also tighten the connection very carefully by making use of a wrench. However make sure that you are not over tightening this as it will not allow the water to flow properly.


How to Paint Home Exteriors


Painting the Home Exteriors

Adding a new coat to your home exteriors helps in increasing its charm and is one of the excellent ways for revaluing your home. It helps in making your home feel new brand. Whether you’re planning of painting some part or the section of your home exteriors or planning of painting the whole, Preparation for the painting job is one of the most important steps to be followed by the home owners. It will help you in ensuring that your painting job is going to be done well. Not only the proper preparing will offer the appearance of the paint to look well but it will help you in saving lot of your work in future.

Process of painting the home exteriors:

Protect the landscaping:

Before you start the process of painting your home exteriors, you need to protect the landscape around your home. The painting and cleaning process involves some of the harsh chemicals that might be one of the causes for detrimenting the health of your plants and trees grown. It is advisable of covering with a plastic form of sheet on the plants which are close the parts of paint. Cleaning up the mess after you complete the process of painting the home exteriors will; be little easier for the home owners.

Provide the surface a good cleaning:

Paint is absorbed best when it is applied on a clean surface. Mildew, dirt, mold or grime and any other sources of dirt can be one of the causes for unsatisfied painting on the home exteriors. One of the best ways of properly cleaning the surface for painting is using pressure washer by making the use of detergents. It is advisable of using the pressure washer with proper care because it might cause damage to the wood or the surface of the exteriors. You can also make the use of Tri-sodium phosphate because it is very easy and safe of using. Even brushing is one of the best options to exercise while painting your home exteriors.

Remove any loose paint:

After cleaning the surface from any accumulated dirt or debris, make sure that you don’t observe any loosen paint color. If you’re using a pressure washer in the first step, a lot of work is going to be eliminated by using it. Use a wire brush if you observe any paint that is readily flaking off from the surface. But keep in mind that you don’t need to peel up the entire paint from the surface of the wood.

Fill in the surface imperfection:

After removing the entire surface of loose paint, it is important for the home owners to thoroughly examine any home cracks observed on the home exteriors. Whether the surface is stucco or wood, the idea is to make the surface look perfect without any imperfection. It is important to fill the cracks by adding putty and caulking to well so that it can help you in offer a better surface for painting or repainting your exteriors.

Benefits Of Having A Fence In The House

FencingAre you confused as to whether to have a fence in the house or not? If you think that having a fence in the house is just for the purpose of decoration then you are wrong. There are many benefits of having a fence in the house which are much more important and essential then just decoration. Having a fence in the house can give you feeling of security and along with that having a fence in the house also avails you with privacy. It also depends which type of fence you install but whichever you opt for you are going to have all this attachments of benefits with it. There are several benefits of having a fence in the house, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Shelter

Having a fence in the house will let your property give some kind of shelter element. Having a fence in the house will act like a wind breaker and stop the wind from affecting you, your property and also your plant life. Extreme wind can also be dangerous and hence having a fence in the house will protect you from that. Based on the position of your home and also your fence, it can also avail you with the shade whenever needed. Thus having a fence in the house will save you from wind and also from sun.

  • Decoration

Having a fence in the house can also help you as a piece of decoration for decorating your house and addi8ng up a piece of appeal to your house.  If your garden has landscaping then adding a fence can be a great source of decoration. You can also paint your fence or you can even stain it by the color going with your garden. This can look very beautiful and creative. These are such things which adapt with the paint.

  • Variety

One of the biggest advantages of having a fence in your house is that fence comes in variety of materials and range and colors and thus you can have plenty of options to select from and add beauty to your home with the kind of things you want and in your range. The most beautiful material is wood as it is very elegant and it also gives great look when installed in your garden.

  • Protection

Having a fence in your house is a great source of adding protection to your house. When you have small kids and pets in your house then fence add great source to have protection for them. Kids and pets both are such which can go out of the house and it becomes difficult to keep an eye on them all the time. Thus having a fence in the house will protect them. It will also give your property some sought of privacy as any person who is passing by could not peep into the house. Thus it is also a great source of adding privacy to your home.

How to Choose Curtains for your Home

How to Choose Curtains for your HomeGoing for curtains for your home is considered to be a fun loving thing because we have many varied option or choice which we can go for in our home. Sometimes it feels overwhelming because it is actually meant to increase and enhance the look of your home which you are in actual need of. Well, in accordance to my views, choosing curtains for your home can be considered as the thing to decorate your window treatment which you are in need of. It is just the thing of getting the right ones curtains for your home because if you get it write than well, what else do you need.

This article will give you all the help which you need for the matters of choosing your curtains for your home because in accordance to me it can be said a difficult thing to choose curtains for your home because there are many things which you need to consider. Well, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind at the time of dealing with choosing curtains for your home like the materials, the fabric which is considered to be more suitable for your home, tec. And many such more thing which is to be considered at the time of going for curtains for your home.

How to choose curtains for your home

  • The first and the foremost thing which the home owners must take in to consideration at the time of dealing with the process of choosing curtains for your home is to see for the privacy and the lightings which you want in your home to be installed. These all things are being decided by the size of your window where you want to install curtains for your home. Not only that but it also depends up on the room where you want it to be installed. If you are going for your living room than I would suggest to go for the sheer one so that your living room can be having more of the light and if you are going for your bedroom than darker one can be considered to be the best option to exercise in your home.
  • Another thing is the measurement of your window for the needs of curtains for your home because if you are going for the curtains without taking proper measurement of the window then there might be possibility that your curtains might be bigger or smaller which can create more of problems for the home owners. In fact you can get the better measurement with the help of the measuring tape which can help you in getting all the measurement in a better manner for the instance of curtains for your home.
  • Well, if you will ask me than I would go for the style of curtains for your home. Obviously whichever thing we are installing in the form of curtain is the only thing at the end matters is the style and the enhanced look which comes from installing it in your home. Going for bold and attractive look of your curtains with accepting different patterns is your thing which you need to comply in your home at the time of choosing curtains for your home.

Best Damp Proofing Solutions

Damp Proofing SolutionsIf you have a damp problem in your home then this requires your undivided attention. They need to be treated with suitable tools and materials so that the structure of the building doesn’t get damaged. The moist surface that holds the humidity degrades the surface which in turn becomes a breeding place for bacteria to breed.

• The moisture that builds up on the surface like walls and in basements becomes a breeding place to get damaged. The water not only remains on the surface but also spoils the material that produces an inner damp problem.
• The most familiar areas in the building that get damaged are the unused rooms, outer walls, basement and wood. The basement should be verified regularly as it is beneath the surface and is a breeding place for different types of germs. The best key is to stare into a basement waterproofing solution to get rid of these problems. There are various solutions accessible or you can also convert your basement into a living area of the house which will add importance to your property.
• Your cellar may look old and appear like a crying face if you are not using it. Start working on it to get it damp-resistant.

Other services which the most of the qualified companies offer are wet rot, dry rot and wooden worm. If you have any kind of wood rot or dry rot problem at your home then the best solution is to use the fungicide spray and improve the sub floor aeration.

Though a skilled contractor is not easy to find, but you should get hold of anyone who is engaged in this business to offer you with all the effective solutions associated with the damp problem and help you to get rid of such issues. They always carry the essential tools and products with which they can handle the damp issues.

Are Pests Your Greatest Enemies?? Simple ways to get rid of them

pest controlPest Control is very important. Different kinds of pests present in your house can make you life miserable. They are not only responsible fro the destruction of furniture but also the electrical appliances. So a home which is free from pest is an ideal place to live in. They also create hygiene problems.

There are many kinds of sprays available in the market for pest control but there are certain pests that require a particular kind of medicines only. Most of these p0st control sprays have broad spectrum capabilities and can take care of cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, flies, ticks all together.

There are certain precautionary measures that should always be taken care of before buying any kind of sprays. The pest control factories use particular chemicals to destroy pests. These chemicals should in no way cause irritation or problems to humans. If you are hiring a professional then you should make sure that that they are licensed. Termite or rodent prevention also requires the services of some professional. These professional companies should also be approved by the Department of Health. They make the use of bio degradable components to prepare the pest control. You should ensure that this company has the right kind of equipment and expertise in this field. The main advantage of hiring them is that they have the products available with them.

If you own a beautiful garden and have taken a lot of care to ensure that it is healthy and provides you with fruits and vegetables. But then you find out that they are being destroyed by the pests then it becomes very difficult for you. In this case you should first identify the kind of pest and do a small research on it and try to find out the perfect pest control medication for it.

Maintenance tips for your swimming pool

swimming pool maintenanceEveryone wants their house to be unique, beautiful and attractive. There are many ways in which you can make your house look beautiful. Many people have a dream of having a swimming pool in their home. Constructing a swimming pool is not a very difficult task if you hire the right contractor for the purpose. But to retain the beauty of the swimming pool and to keep it perfect for use, you must maintain swimming pool properly. Though it may look like that maintenance of a swimming pool is a very difficult task but if you follow the few basic steps properly, then it is a very easy task.

Since the water is exposed so it is very likely to get dirty due to continuous exposure to the weather. Emptying the swimming pool completely and then again refilling it with water is a long time consuming process. If not cleaned properly then you can’t even use the pool for the purpose it is meant for. The best way of doing it is to install for filter pumps that continuously recycle the water and make it clean and perfect for use. It is strongly recommended that you install the filter pump if you really want to retain the beauty of your pool and use it regularly.

Also it is essential that you use proper chemicals in the water. The chemicals also in most cases help the unwanted materials to settle at the base of the pool. You should know the right proportion of chemicals to be used. Excess amount can be really harmful for people using the pool however the less amount will not give you desired result. It is advisable that you do a little research about the swimming pool before you construct one in your house so that you don’t have to face problem later on.

Benefits of using screen pool enclosures

swimming poolIf you have a swimming pool in your home, then you can add some enhancements for your protection and to increase the aesthetic value of the pool. Screen pool enclosures are a good option to choose. You can get the exact size and type of enclosure you want for your pool. Contact a good agency and make sure all the materials used are durable and of good quality. There are many advantages of using screen pool enclosures.

You can save your pool by not allowing any dirt, leaves and debris settle down on the water. Screen pool enclosures keep away insects from the pool. If you choose aluminum screen pool enclosures, the maintenance of the enclosure is something you won’t have to worry about at all. They also help keep out birds and home pets away from, the pool. You also can save money as you won’t need to use lot of chemicals to keep the water clean. If you choose small wired mesh then you can actually keep the pool clean in a better manner.

Eco Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

eco home renovationHome renovation can be a time consuming and tiring task to plan and go through, but taking the right steps and planning it all out in advance can help you do the whole thing smoothly. Since the world is going green these days, in several sectors, there are also many construction agencies which offer good eco-friendly home renovation and repair packages.

Using eco friendly tools and equipment can actually help you reduce your carbon footprint. If you are planning to do any kind of paintjob in your home, use green paints. This doesn’t literally have to mean green colored paints, but instead of using normal paints, you can try using special paint which doesn’t release harmful gases. Using renewable sources of energy like solar or wind energy for home electricity or using solar powered lights is also a good idea. Many agencies also use raw materials and equipment which are eco-friendly so you can check your options there too.

How to fix broken window glass

fix windown glassAre you about fix up your broken window glass all by yourself? The post below presents some tips to help you out in the endeavor.

First of all, remove the window glass from the window frame. Now, remove putty with a chisel and in case it has hardened up, use linseed oil to soften it for easy removal. Once the putty is removed, clean up your window frame with sand paper and chisel to prepare it for a fresh set of glass. Then, measure up the window opening & buy your glass piece accordingly from a reputed glass maker.

The next step is to apply the linseed oil very neatly around your window frame which prevents the newly laid putty from drying off too fast. Then, roll up a thick putty and surround it across the borders of your window frame- now place the new glass set firmly with pins within the window frame. Let it be for 2 days so that the putty gets to settle down completely.