Choosing The Best Type Of Mattress

Several type of mattress

Different type of mattress

Mattress is designed in a way that it can provide support to your body and give you a relaxing sleep at night. You can get a relaxed sleep only when your mattress is soft and proper. If you had your mattress since a long time and it is worn then you might consider replacing your mattress with a new one. According to one of the research, it is concluded that those people who sleep better will suffer less amount of back pain and will also have lesser symptoms of stress. For getting such peaceful sleep, you need to have right type of mattress. It is said that the quality of sleep improves if you sleep on the right type of mattress and it will also relieve pressure from the joints and other parts of body. There is plenty of type of mattress; you need to find which one suits with your body in the best manner.  Each type of mattress is made up from different material and has different quality, check out which one suits your body and gives you peaceful sleep. Mattress should be changed every six to seven years for better quality and support. If you haven’t changed it since quite a long time then it is the right time to go for changing it.  Here is some of the type of mattress with their specification to help you choose from.

  • Innerspring mattress

This type of mattress makes use of support system made from steel coil. Manufacturers will avail you with several kinds of spring system involving the units having springs which will get connected in single unit and the pocketed coils will be wrapped up individually. The design, coil gauge, number of coil and the shape of this type of mattress can differ. This type of mattress is covered up by upholstery materials and padding which can have plenty of fibers, foams and several extra layers of small steel springs. The count of coil can be arbitrary and but eh basic concept is that, more the number of coil, more will be the support points and higher will be its distribution.

  • Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress will be combining the support system of steel coil with one or even more than that type of foam like memory foam, latex foam, and polyurethane foam along with that foam containing get or any such other material.

  • Waterbed mattress

This type of mattress will be making use of a water chamber as its support system.  There are two waterbed types available in the market, soft sided beds and hard sided beds. Hard sided waterbed will be having a water chamber which is placed inside wood frame of rectangular shape. On the other side, a soft side water bed will be having this chamber of water in a rigid form of rectangular shape which zipped in a fabric case. This chamber of water is covered by the upholstery material and padding which can have various fiber and foams.