Process To Change A Shower Head

Using tool for replacing a shower head

Replacing a shower head by tool

If you have really old shower head or you have a damaged shower head then there might be extreme flow of water or leakage of water from shower. This will waste lots of water and will also result in increasing your water bills. If you have such issues, then you must instantly think of changing a shower head and saving water wastage and also your energy bills. Changing a shower head is an easy process, if you have little amount of experience then you can do it yourself. To help you out here is a simple and easy process to change a shower head. Before starting with the process of changing a shower head, you need to collect all the supplies and tools for changing a shower head. This can be really irritating if you have to go for taking the supplies in the middle of the work. This will not allow you to have flow in work and chances of making mistake and not getting desired result will increase. Hence here is list of tolls and supplies you will need for changing a shower head.

  • Masking tape
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Teflon tape
  • Shower head adaptor kit

Collect this tools and materials and then start with the process of changing a shower head.

Step 1

The first step of changing a shower head is to prepare your area for work. Take some ripped sheets of old towel and put it on the bottom of tub to save your fiberglass or porcelain surface from getting scratched while you are working. The adaptor kit which is used for replacing a shower head has a diverter device which is attached with the shower stem and it can also direct the water in two directions this will allow you to make use of tow shower head from one water source.

Step 2

For changing a shower head, you need to get rid of the old one. Use adjustable pliers for removing the old shower head. Firstly you have to wrap up the jaws of pliers by using a tape for saving them from marring the chrome.  When you have removed the old showerhead, it’s time to attach the diverter to it. Ensure that the supplied water is placed in neck of diverter as per the directions which are mentioned in the kit.

Step 3

Threads of shower head stem must be applied some Teflon tape for stopping some water leakage. When you are applying this tape, ensure that the fixture is tightened properly. If you have taped the wrap in wrong direction then it will get tear when you will install the thread and it will not help in preventing leaks.

Step 4

Make sure to tighten the diverter with the shower stem when Teflon tapes when it is applied to it. Also tighten the connection very carefully by making use of a wrench. However make sure that you are not over tightening this as it will not allow the water to flow properly.